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Superior Finishing Systems, LLC was founded in Lexington, North Carolina in 1980 by Ken White and Gale Decker.  Though Ken White passed away in 2003, Gale Decker has continued to provide his wisdom and guidance to the company.  In 2004, the current owner, Chris Decker Gustafson, purchased the business from Mr. White’s estate and advanced the technology used by the business.  We have all joined in greatly improving the quality of our service, both in-house and on-site.  In 2012, Cassandra Gustafson Russell joined the team, adding in-house CAD capabilities and a third generation of dedication to our customers.

Our installation crew, headed by Ronald Gustafson, has over 50 years of joint experience in installing systems.

Our technical expert, Paul Rowland, is well-versed in controls and an expert in burner technology.

Together, we are able to meet any of your finishing system needs, from servicing your current equipment to designing a complete finishing system, and everything in between.

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